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First Live Show - Saturday 18th April 2020

We broadcast our first Live Show this past Saturday. Unfortunately, we could only broadcast 1 hour and 45 minutes of a 2 hour show before the computer froze. Hopefully we will be able to iron out the issue during the week in readiness for next Saturday. Set up was going through a program called Audio Hijack; we think, maybe, the computers RAM wasn't man enough to cope with it so going to check how Audio Hijack works and maybe try a different set up for next week. We'll get there. We concentrated more on the tech used for getting show out rather than content, hopefully the content will improve next week too. We might try to knock up some jingles and stuff during the week. If anyone is interested in putting on another show, drop me an email at

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Jules Toons

Had great fun playing Jules playlist tonight. Tried using jingles for the first time. Quite fun making them too.


After a couple of years of playing with this idea, we are getting licensed.


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