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The Playlist

This option will get you up and running on Tribe Radio very quickly...All we need from you is a playlist of between of around 30 songs, give or take a couple depending on average song length.


If your show is dominated by ten minute prog rock epics or 12" disco remix bangers we may need less tracks than a 50s Rock & Roll and 80s indie pop mix.


We will top and tail your show for you with some jingles, and then programme, promote and broadcast it all for you.  All you need to do is let your friends know youre on the air and meet them in the ChatRoom to discuss your excellent choices.


Your playlist can be sent in any format, a word document, a Spotify/Deezer playlist. We are fully licensed so the only provisos are that the content must be commercially available so that we we can play it, under our license. We can only play two tracks by the same artist in any two hour segment.




The Mixtape
This options starts with the same basic structure as the Playlist, but what will REALLY bring your show to life are vocal links which we can add to your tracks in programming your show. These can be recorded on any computer with a mic and record functionality, or just as good, Voice Memo apps on phones. Here's are a few ideas of what you can say in your links


  • "Here is one of my very favourite tracks, it always takes me back to when I was on holiday in...."

  • "I would like to dedicate this track to my dear friend .... who hopefully will be listening"

  • "The next two tracks have something in common, can you spot the link?"

  • "This one is for all listeners currently in the ChatRoom with me at"

​For your first shows, it can be a good idea to type out a brief script of what you would like to say in these links. This option is very popularly used for the Tribe Radio Guest Shows...have a listen here



DIY Mixtape Programming
If you would like to have more control on how your show sounds, then you can do the programming yourself ahead of broadcast. This is the equivalent of you taking over the work that we are involved in when we programme the Mixtape shows.

So in effect, you source all the tunes on your playlist and record your links and then arrange them how you want them on an audio timeline into a single non stop two hour show.

The totally free and available software programme we use (Audacity) to compile the Playlist shows is excellent for this purpose, although there are many computer, tablet and phone apps which will do the same thing for you. If you would like to pursue this option then get in touch and we will guide you through some tips and tricks to polish up your show



The Pre Recorded "As Live" Show
Now this is getting interesting. So this is the nearest thing to broadcasting your show live, but it has the safety net of being recorded in one two hour block, which enables you to correct anything which you weren’t happy about in your show in post production. Again, you can use many of the same apps mentioned before to process your music and voice as you record your show. These range from simple to use products such as Audio Hijack to more complex mixing software which can interact with a separate DJ controller. This is a fabulous way to do a show as you can really get a feel for the type of show you are producing as you go along.   




Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Superstar DJ...Here We Go!!
The full live broadcast experience. This is the same as the Pre Recorded “As Live” show, are LIVE TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!

Of course there is no safety wire, BUT you will be amazed at how easily you can settle into a live show, and with immediate interaction from your friends and listeners via the Chatroom you can get instant feedback on what you are playing and if you want suggestions..what to play next.

This is the best way to broadcast a show although it can be daunting, once you have done one you won’t want to go back. Of course, we will support you every step of the way with this, as with all options.

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