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Come And Join Us.....Broadcasting On Tribe Radio

Imagine producing your own radio show, and sending an invitation to friends all around the world who can listen to your programme and interact while you are on air. It's MUCH easier than you would ever imagine.

At Tribe Radio we have produced many shows mainly for people with little or no broadcasting experience. We have a range of options that you can choose from and we will help you every step of the way to get your show on air.  Click the panels below for more details on some of these options:- 


The Playlist
You provide a list of songs and we will programme, promote and broadcast the show for you.

The Mixtape
One refinement of this option which sounds great is the addition of your own vocal links to introduce the show and the songs on your playlist. 

Click here for more advice on this option


Intermediate - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life...With A Song

You pre-record your show, which is a nice relaxed way for you to work on your show and always gives you the opportunity to refine it.  Various software tools (often free) can be used to give your show a completely polished sound.

We will then take the file (MP3) of you finished show and promote and broadcast it for you.

Click here for more advice on this option

Advanced - Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Superstar DJ...Here We Go!

You can broadcast your own content to the whole live world absolutely live. It can be a little nerve-racking it's true but you once you do one show like this you will never want to do it any other way.  

As well as music, it is also possible to feed in content from other participants via your phone as a call or Zoom.

Click here for more advice on this option

Whichever option you use, we generally run our shows in two hour blocks (although shorter / longer can be possible) and we will promote your show on our website and Social Media pages, provide a live chatroom for your listeners to give you live feedback on your show and also prove a streaming service via Mixcloud to allow replays of your show 

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