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Tribe Radio is a Community Radio Station established in 2017 by Adam and based in the South East of England and operating on a playlist basis since then.

In April 2020 Tribe Radio was awarded a license for live programming and is building a roster of content on top of its existing 24/7 playlist. The aim is to offer programme content which is interesting and worthy of our listeners time and attention with no particular boundaries in terms of genre or style.  

We at Tribe Radio are looking to grow interest in community radio by:-

  • Allowing air time for bespoke programming for individual projects for any groups of people of any size.

  • Supporting people wishing to fulfil ambitions to produce their own programming.

  • Co-promoting the activities of like minded media producers with similar aims and ideas.

We value any time that our listeners can give us in a competitive market but most of all we are always interested in your feedback, and in particular would like hear about ideas for new programming.


Please get in touch if you would like to host a show of your own, or would like to participate in an existing show by providing a bespoke playlist.

Tribe Radio Needs YOU!

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